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A community event to pitch your idea, and get real-time feedback


How it works

Pitch in consists of two presenters, who each share their stories for 6 minutes. Then the community has 20 minutes to ask questions to provide each entrepreneur with the best resources to address the entrepreneur’s needs. The first question is always, “What can the Pitch In community do for you?” which reflects the supportive and collaborative nature of the Pitch In community.  All events are hybrid, so you can join either virtually or in-person.

How i works

Attend Pitch In

Why should you attend?

Pitch In is an excellent opportunity for any entrepreneur, innovator, resource provider or simply an interested community member to connect, hear the latest ideas being built in our community, and be inspired by a diversity of views and perspectives. Attendees also learn about entrepreneurship by just listening to the presentation and questions asked. 


Whether you are interested in joining as an attendee or a presenter, it all starts by finding a community! Once you join a community below, you are in! No need to register for any future events.

Join Pitch in

Become a presenter

Presenters get a chance to hone their pitch and gain fresh perspectives on their ideas or ventures. The community works hard to provide the founder with the resources needed to fulfill their “ask” of the community–something with which the community can help them.

Get started by finding a community near you!




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